Universidad Católica San Antonio - Master´s in European Union Studies and Human Rights

Master´s in European Union Studies and Human Rights

La carrera Master´s in European Union Studies and Human Rights es una de las Másteres de Derecho y Leyes que dicta la Universidad Católica San Antonio

Duración 1 MESES

El título de Master´s in European Union Studies and Human Rights es el título que otorga la Universidad Católica San Antonio para la carrera de Máster en Derecho

The Catholic University San Antonio (UCAM) has a large team of researchers that are specialized in European constitution & legislation and come from various responsibility backgrounds. It is their knowledge and expertise that converge in this Master's Degree, providing students with an interdisciplinary program, which allows them to gain a broad and comprehensive understanding of the European Union. Our academic staff is also composed of a large number of civil servants and consultancy experts involved in the daily practice of the European Union.The Master's in European Union Studies and Human Rights represents an innovation in the educational field. Its support of a face-to-face formation, the active involvement of students of various nationalities, combined visits to European institutions and the mixed approach of the provided training makes UCAM’s Master's in EU Studies and Human Rights a rigorous, innovative and top quality program. Moreover, the postgraduate degree also includes a work placement in a real company or institution of at least 250 hours in duration.Fully developed in English, this master’s degree offers candidates a highly recommended training at European administrative level. The program is aimed at graduates of Business Administration who seek to ensure their share of the common market. Graduates of Tourism, Political Science, Law, Social and Communication Sciences complete its target audience. Furthermore, future PhD candidates and lawyers working on European legislation are welcome to enroll. 

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